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Help for tinnitus

'No cure' for tinnitus is NOT the same as 'no help for tinnitus'.

 Evidence shows there is, in fact, much you can do to help alleviate the pain and find relief - even to the point where you just don't notice the sound anymore...

Tinnitus is commonly understood as an awareness of an internal sound without an external cause.  It is often
described as  ringing  in  the  ears,  or  whooshing,  buzzing  and  hissing noises.  The experience of  living  with  tinnitus   actually   varies  from    individual to individual  and I reflect that uniqueness in the therapy plans I write for my clients.


How can I find tinnitus help and relief?

Approximately 1 in 10 people experience tinnitus symptoms at some point in their lives. Of those, most will resolve through a process of natural Habituation>.

Of the 1 in 10 with tinnitus,  10-15%  do  not experience habituation naturally. This is NOT some kind of failing on their part  -  there's a myriad  of potential reasons why natural processes don't kick in.

However,  all  is  not  lost.  It may seem an impossibility right now,  but habituation  can be encouraged and promoted to the point
where you just aren't aware of the tinnitus sounds anymore.  In the absence of a cure for tinnitus,
this offers real hope for many people and is the bedrock of my approach.

Please note:

"Research  evidence  and  clinical  experience  is  that while people with all types of tinnitus can suffer, equally people with all types of tinnitus can be OK. If you accept this fact, it's liberating implication is that whatever your tinnitus is like, there is a way out and you too can be OK."

(Drs McKenna, Baguley and McFerran, 2010).

Here's what one of my clients had to say:

" I think what's really helped me is that I never really understood the mechanisms of tinnitus and how the brain relates to it and that has been a big learning curve. My goals changed dramatically"